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Can You #BeatShuttleOps?

We built and deployed our application to a Kubernetes cluster using ShuttleOps in under 2 minutes.

Show us your time and win a prize.


What’s Your Time?

We want to see how fast you can build and deploy your application using ShuttleOps! Post on LinkedIn or Tweet us with your time, the #BeatShuttleOps hashtag, a screenshot, and your official time, and we’ll send one lucky winner a set of wireless headphones and two random participants a mechanical keyboard! All participants receive a ShuttleOps t-shirt!

What is ShuttleOps?

ShuttleOps is an all-new drag and drop continuous delivery platform that makes it extremely quick and simple to build, deploy Docker containers to the cloud using Kubernetes clusters.

How  is ShuttleOps So Fast?

  • We've integrated the Kubernetes API for you - no kubectl required!
  • No need to create YAML manifests - just tell us about your app and we handle the rest.
  • Our visual interface makes it easy to build your pipelines

How Do I Get Started Using ShuttleOps?

1. Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account with ShuttleOps and connect your Kubernetes cluster.
2. Use our visual pipeline editor to create build and deploy pipelines for your application.
3. Deploy your application and let us handle managing the YAML manifests.

Get Started For Free

No -Code . No Hidden Price

ShuttleOps has an always free community tier which allows up to 5 app components and includes 250 build minutes per month. Our professional tier starts at 10 app components and 1,000 build minutes.

Participate in #BeatShuttleOps and Win!

Contest Rules:
  1. Take a screenshot of your deployment using ShuttleOps.

  2. Tag us with your time, the #BeatShuttleOps hashtag, and the screenshot on Twitter or LinkedIn! If you win a prize, we'll ask you to submit a video of your deployment.

  3. One lucky winner will receive a set of wireless headphones and two others will receive a mechanical keyboard. All participants receive a ShuttleOps t-shirt!
  4. We'll reach out to you to confirm your entry! Contest closes December 2nd, 2020!


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